When winter rolls, you better be ready because the cold is unforgiving. That is why you need a heater to keep your home comfortable during the harsh winter season. When in need of heater installation for your home or commercial space, call Master Tech Heating and Air for professional assistance. We are the best and most trusted Heating System Installation in Palm Desert, CA. We come in with over 40 years of experience in indoor air quality, installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services covering heating systems, air conditioners, home appliances and water heaters. We have been servicing the counties of Riverside, San Bernandino and Los Angeles, CA.

Heating System Installation in Palm Desert, CA

Factors to Consider before installing a heating system

There are key factors that must be given strong consideration before attempting any heating system installation. They include efficiency and heating needs of your home among others. You want a highly efficient heating system and for this case, shop for a furnace with an AFUE rating between 80% and 98%. With heat pumps, go for models with HSPF as high as 11.0. You also want a correctly sized heating system. This is where we come in to determine the right size of a heater for your home considering duct-work, insulation and square footage of your home. We work hard to ensure that you get properly sized and the best heating system to avoid any problems during the heating season.

Heating system installation

Once we know your home heating requirements and have selected the right heater size, we come in to inspect your existing duct-work and insulation needs. Our technicians are experienced in proper installation. If you are replacing an existing system, we inspect and recommend an upgrade. With complete certainty that everything is right, we install the new heating system. It takes a couple of hours depending on the type of heating system being installed. If you need Heating System Installation in Palm Desert, CA, call us today for professional help.