Water Heater Tune – Up

A water heater is a simple machine which is designed to heat water to a set temperature. The heat energy required to perform this function can be drawn from an electric heater or a furnace which burns coal, natural gas, propane, heating oil or wood. Whatever the case, the water heater must be serviced on a regular basis to ensure it produces hot water at the right temperature without consuming too much energy. The quality and amount of water produced must also meet the user’s requirements. Water heater tune-up is the process of maintaining the heater and making the necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance. At Master Tech HVAC, we offer water heater maintenance services for both residential and commercial water heating systems.

Water Heater Tune-Up Service

The tune up process starts with inspections. The floor, walls and ceiling around the water heater is inspected for any discoloration, chipping of paint and musty odor due to high humidity in the room. These are signs of water damage which may be occasioned by leaks in the system. The water leak can be on the water tank, hot water outlet or cold water inlet. Loose joints, wear and tear are usually to blame for these leaks. During the tuneup process, the leaks must be plugged before the water heater can be turned on.

The next step is to check the water output. The heater is turned on and the temperature coming out of faucets and showers compared to the temperature setting at the heater. If the water is not hot enough, the thermostat may be damaged. Poor insulation can also be to blame for this problem. Another possible cause of the problem is a damaged heating element, in case of an electric water heater. During the water heater tune-up process, our technicians will check, adjust and repair any damaged part. They will also flush the system to ensure the water you get from faucets is clean and clear.