3 Things An HVAC Contractor Will Consider Before Installing Your New Air Conditioner

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Here at Master Tech, we understand the appeal of doing your own home maintenance but there’s a big difference between a quick tune up versus installing a new air conditioning unit. The skills needed to install a new air system properly go far beyond the basic remit of a handyman. Not only do you need professional grade tools, but more importantly you need professional knowledge. There’s a trade saying, that the most important day in an air conditioner’s life is the day it’s installed and this is actually very true as a proper installation puts it in the best possible position for a long life and optimum performance standards. When you need an air conditioning installation in Indio, CA and you use our services you’ll technician will consider 3 important factors before proceeding with your installation – you won’t find any of these in a buying guide, so keep reading.


When you’re getting a central air conditioner to power your entire home, the location of your unit is very important. While all modern air systems can be placed for your convenience, their performance relies on having a clear area to promote good air circulation. It shouldn’t be placed somewhere you’re going to place items at vent height and your contractor can best advise the location to minimize energy usage and reduce heat known to add strain, which leads to more frequent faults and repairs. The calculations will take into consideration, the space in which your unit resides, the total area or number rooms you’ll need to cool and the estimated level of function you can expect following your air conditioning installation in Indio, CA.

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Walls and Egress

When you’re looking to purchase ductless room air conditioners, egress is an important factor. If you want your new air unit to be installed in smaller rooms, keep it mind there must be a window. This is to ensure positive airflow and effective moisture removal and drainage. Ductless mini splits work by converting moisture to cool your house on warmer days and cool it on during the colder months. While you may have seen products you think would be suitable for your space, the walls of your home play a deciding factor in what type of air conditioner should be installed. Many wall units in small and awkwardly shaped rooms would need to be expanded. Your technician will source the best solutions for your home to avoid any further structural changes needing to be made, the criteria will vary but their expert knowledge will ensure you experience a hassle-free air conditioning installation in Indio, CA.


In theory, it doesn’t sound that complicated to install an air conditioner. What could go wrong? A lot when you’re not an HVAC professional! Connecting drains, securing the housing and ensuring the wall brackets are placed appropriately are the physical aspects that many handy homeowners misjudge, this often leads to leaks, noises, immediate internal damage to components like the fan and coils are common if you’ve not sealed the unit properly leading to air literally falling through the cracks. This is all before configuring the system for optimum performance and you don’t want to end up with higher fuel bills and faults from the get go. Call us to book an assessment on 760-469-4468