Protect and manage your home, with residential HVAC services in Palm Springs, CA from Master Tech Mechanical the leading company for heating and air solutions.

residential HVAC services in Palm Springs, CA

We all care about our homes, we put a lot of effort into how they look and obviously want to enjoy them. At Master Tech Mechanical we want to ensure that our customer’s homes stay in the best possible condition and while you may not realize it, your energy system plays a role in the environment and day-to-day running of your home.

With over 40 years industry experience and 20 years serving the counties of California, our residential HVAC services in Palm Springs, CA remain one of the most popular packages to protect and service the energy systems of homeowners from all walks of life. Read on below to better understand why so many choose this option and four of the most common, but unknown ways your energy system can impact your life.

Indoor Air Quality and Your Home

The latest EPA findings suggest that indoor air is anywhere from 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Running your energy system in general is the primary reason for poor air quality in modern homes today. This is alone should be cause for concern, it’s not something any of us really think about. Here at Master Tech, we’re committed to resolving the problems that cause indoor air pollution.

There are a variety of measures and services available to improve the air quality in your home, from cleaning the air ducts in your home or installing new tubing to ensure that only clean air gets circulated into the environment, these services may seem expensive but will last for decades if implemented. Don’t worry, most of the time you can improve your energy system with simple maintenance and servicing.

When you choose to get residential HVAC services in Palm Springs, CA you’re going to receive a comprehensive assessment from a professional technician each and every time you call us out and any work we do for you comes with a range of discounts and benefits such as free annual checks – we believe cleaner air makes for a happier home!

Is Your Energy System Losing You Money?

One of the most common problems with energy systems is that they can be ineffective especially for the price which can sometimes seem extortionate for what you use. Sometimes energy systems slow down due to wear and tear over the years and end up giving very little output, causing you to turn the thermostat up.

If you feel your utility bills are high or that your energy system is not functioning as it should be, it’s wise to get a technician to take a look – after all the longer you leave it, the more money you risk to lose.

residential HVAC services in Palm Springs CA

How Your HVAC System Can Affect Your Health?

We mentioned poor air quality above, but even more worrying than that is what lurks in the air itself. From mold to dirt, dust and mites – these forms of bacteria are known to worsen respiratory conditions, cause allergies and skin irritations if you suffer from any of the following, the culprit may be your energy system. Master Tech is here to make sure your energy system doesn’t impact on your life and make your home as comfortable as possible through their range of residential HVAC services in Palm Springs, CA – contact us on 760-469-4468 (Coachella Valley) or 909-466-6540 (Inland Empire).