Check for these Sounds: After Southern California Storms, Should You Get an Air Conditioning Repair?

air conditioner repair service in La Quinta CA

Winter storms mean you should perform maintenance service on your air conditioner to make sure it’s performing right this spring. If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ve probably heard more than you might ever want to about the Southern California Storm we’ve experienced.

Flash floods and heavy rains mean the outdoor portion of a central air conditioning unit could have unusual blockages. Remember your outdoor unit is where the heating occurs in the compressor and condenser. For safety, we recommend you look at it carefully for debris, but let a professional get inside to do maintenance and safety checks.

As a reminder, you should always change the air filters in your AC about once every three months, or more often if you or someone in your family has allergies. We also strongly recommend you get a once a year maintenance appointment to keep your air conditioner performing at its most efficient levels and protect its lifespan.

air conditioner repair service in La Quinta, CA

Our mobile technicians will get your air conditioner back on track if any problems show up during the inspection. Hearing these weird sounds from an outdoor compressor are signs you should call for repair service.

  1. Banging sounds: These noises mean you might have a loose connecting rod, crankshaft, or piston pin. These can be costly, so it’s better to act quickly than wait.
  2. Humming noises: Your motor might be slow to start or not starting properly at all. You may need a capacitor replacement or you could have a compressor motor failure. If you need a large part like this, one of the things we can talk about during the estimate quote is prices for newer air conditioners including installation. We think you should always take a moment to look at the math before committing to an expensive repair to see if you would be better off investing in a newer, more efficient model that won’t need a repair for a long while.
  3. Buzzing: The storm could have caused a bad connection in the electrical wiring or burned a contactor area. This is an electrical repair best left to a professional.
  4. Hisses: A bubbling, hissing sound is the sign of a refrigerant leak. While we can refill your refrigerant, no contractor can fully guarantee a leak won’t happen again. We can check if this repair outweighs its value. Sometimes it’s better to spend the repair money towards a replacement instead that won’t have a leak problem.
  5. Screeches: This is a dangerous sign, turn your system off and call us right away. Your compressor could be building up the internal pressure as a result of a serious problem.

Master Tech Mechanical will help you keep your family comfortable all year long. Call us if you need help with air conditioner repair service in La Quinta, CA. Reach us at 760-469-4468 in Coachella Valley and at 909-466-6540 in the Inland Empire area.