When your HVAC system is not serviced at least once in a year, dust, dirt and other debris can accumulate inside causing serious issues in the long run. When your machine is clogged with debris and dirt, allergens will circulate throughout your house instead of the fresh, clean air that you once enjoyed.

With a dirty furnace filter, you and your family run a risk of breathing toxic air. If your family is suddenly experiencing respiratory problems or allergies, it might be time to change the filters and restore clean air in the home.

If you neglect taking care of your furnace for too long, it can lead to serious consequences for your machine as well. Your HVAC unit may simply break down one day.

If the heat exchanger cracks due to unbearable heat buildup within the system, dangerous carbon monoxide fumes can get into your home. This will not only make you sick, but can also kill you and your entire family.

Faulty furnaces are also known to cause fires. Dirty filters are a major reason for this. Check the state of your filter to ensure that your home is safe.

Hire an experienced technician to inspect your machine at least once a year. He will examine every component thoroughly to find faults if any, and work to set them right immediately. He will detect furnace problems in the initial stages so that you don’t have to face heavier expenses later on.

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