No one would like to have a broken down air conditioner, especially during the hot season. Like all mechanical equipment, however, your AC could fail when you need its top performance most. For fast and reliable air conditioning repair Palm Desert CA residents trust Master Tech Appliance / Comfort Heating & Air.

The failure of your AC unit could be caused by several reasons, including low refrigerant, clogged, or dirty condenser unit and filters as well as a tripped circuit breaker. To reduce the chances of future breakdowns and improve the performance of your air conditioner, you should take a few important measures.

Clear the Area around the AC

If your air conditioner is surrounded by debris, its efficiency may be affected. Therefore, ensure that the area around it is cleared off leaves and any other kind of dirt. In addition, cut and clear any bushes that are too near.

Clean the Air Filters

The biggest cause of low air circulation is dirty air filters. To improve the performance of your AC, check and clean them if necessary. However, they may be too dirty or old and you’ll have to replace them with new ones.

Open Ventilation Fins

If ventilation fins are not properly opened, the inflow of air is restricted. This results to low efficiency of the system. To open ventilation fins, use a fin ‘comb’.

Seal Air Leaks

The low efficiency of the air conditioner in serving its functions may not be its own fault. Ensure that any air leak in your home is sealed. Remember, the more the leaks, the higher you’ll pay for cooling of your home.

While you can perform some repair and maintenance practices on your AC, you’ll need an experienced professional for others. In addition, a trained technician will be able to point out any other problem you may not have seen. For expert air conditioning repair services, call Master Tech Appliance / Comfort Heating & Air for a free quote.