If you’re considering purchasing a new heater and air conditioner, the following things should be considered so that you buy the right setup for your house.


Before buying an HVAC system, learn more about your place, especially its climate. For instance, the weather in Nevada and Las Vegas are not identical. If you’re living in a warmer region, you will need a system with proper humidity control, which is equipped with a compressor (two-stage) and air handler (variable-speed) to move cooled or heated air via the ductwork.

Electric or Gas?

Generally, people use an electric setup or a heat pump in hot regions as the heating requirements are much lesser. Also, there are hybrid systems available that could switch fuels based on the house temperature and its requirements.

HVAC System Size

All aspects and items in the house adds to heat gain, right from dishwashers and refrigerators to the house’s configuration and the people living in the house. And if the house has little insulation and leaky windows, your system size requirements would be different, especially when compared to a much more compact house that has adequate insulation.

Types of Available Systems

HVAC systems have multiple configurations. The basics comprise forced-air furnaces, heat pumps, and hydronic/hot water heating systems, to name a few. There are heat pumps and central cooling systems for cooling.

Within every system, there are multiple options – for instance, a split AC setup – that has an outdoor component and indoor section interlinked with copper tubing and wires for connecting to ductwork. The unit connecting to the ductwork directly is called a package system.

And then there are accessories such as UV lights, humidifiers, attic ventilators, electronic air cleaners, etc.

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