Master Tech Mechanical provides air conditioning installation Indio CA residents can rely on. For more than 20 years, we have served the communities around the Coachella Valley, Riverside, and Inland Empire. We have remained a family-owned and operated company. We treat our customers as an extension of this family. Expect excellent service from our capable technicians, especially when it comes to AC installation.

Proper Unit Sizing

We will see to it that you get the right unit size for your space. There are far too many households stuck with an ill-fitting system because of poor selection. The cooling needs of a house must be computed using precise measurements for an accurate outcome. All relevant factors have to be considered such as the layout, orientation, and heat distribution around the structure. If the need is underestimated, then the unit will not be able to provide enough cooling for the space. If it is overestimated, then homeowners will spend more than they actually need to. They’ll even run into humidity issues.

Fast Finish

With our technicians, you can be sure that the installation will be completed at the soonest possible time. Some people try to install air conditioners themselves only to discover later on that things are more complicated than they seem. Window units tend to be simple but even mini split systems can be a bit of a challenge. Central AC is definitely a job for a professional.

Optimum Performance

Not all installations are equal. Some haven’t been put together properly and will not work as well as it should. To achieve the maximum potential, a system should be set up just as the manufacturer intended. The smallest leaks and loose fitting can have a big effect. Entrust the job to no one but Master Tech Mechanical.